Paris presents delicious buches de Noël

Each year the leading pâtissiers of the capital devote their skills, knowledge and ingenuity to create totally original, aesthetically delightful and delicious buches de Noël (Christmas logs) and other seasonal offerings. For aficionados of Yuletide treats, the Hotel Niel has selected four masterpieces to savour as we head towards the festivities.


Magical, flavoursome and original Christmas treats

This year, Pierre Marcolini presents a selection of funny and gourmet Christmas treats. Fantasy and poetry’s marriage give birth to a surprising collection. In partnership with the artist Charles Kaisin, the chocolate maker imagined a shape game where circles, triangles, cones, and pyramids turn into little Christmas elves. Regarding flavours, there’s something for everyone and you’ll surely find what you’re looking for!

On his side, Christophe Michalak imagined for you… cosmic Yule logs! Choose among the 3 Klassik logs. Marriage of hazelnut, banana and lime? Pistachio, yuzu and strawberry? Hazelnut, gianduja and caramel? We don’t know what to chose!


Tradition on your table

Traditional, Yann Couvreur’s buche is absolutely perfect. Decorated with foxes, it’s made with a heart of Sacher biscuit, vanilla creamy, meringue, chestnut macaroons… Yummy! Only the luckiest will taste it as only 100 pieces are made!

Finally, Sébastien Gaudard offers a collection of traditional and authentic Yule logs will thrill your taste buds! The Bûche Mont Blanc combines chestnut cream, vanilla meringue and Chantilly cream while the very chocolate-flavored Bûche Merveilleuse is covered by chocolate shavings. Pistachio aficionados will surely be seduced by the Bûche Montmorency while the chestnut lovers will choose the Bûche Séraphin! The creator also offers a selection of iced Yule logs.

If you’re in search of an upscale dessert, you can easily reach these pastry chefs and chocolatiers from the Hotel Niel, ideally located near the Champs Elysees. Their little works of art will enthral you!

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