Shudder with horror and pleasure ... on Halloween!

If you have the opportunity to be in Paris at the end of October, you can join in with the capital’s celebration of a fun-packed and shudder-filled event: Halloween! To make the most of this spookiest of celebrations, we have some recommendations for you.

Le Manoir de Paris: a rendezvous with thrills and chills

Before you get your goosebumps at the Halloween festival in Paris, you’ll want to be settled in a comfortable and cheerful hotel. The Niel Paris is the perfect place from which to enjoy the best activities that the city has to offer. Then get ready to experience the scare of your life! The first haunted house attraction in France, Le Manoir de Paris, invites you to explore five levels of fearfulness. During an interactive tour through this old listed building, you will discover the most fearful legends of the City of Light and behold its most frightening face… if you dare! Hosted by about thirty actors who spare no efforts to make your hair stand on end, this amazing show offers the perfect Halloween combination of thrills and chills during your stay in Paris.

Amusement parks at Halloween time

During the Halloween fear fest, the biggest and best amusement parks in Paris cannot resist the opportunity to make you shudder and squeal. The Parc Asterix will present a new edition of ‘Fear of the Park’ from October 15th to November 2nd 2016. On the scare schedule and ready to send chills up your spine are three haunted houses and some completely transformed attractions. Disneyland Paris won’t be outdone, however; from October 1st to November 2nd there will be scares and laughs by the tomb-full. Disney’s greatest villains are on the prowl for the occasion, petrifying parade are presented, and the famous Main Street is completely made over for the occasion. To enjoy Halloween as it should be, come to Paris for an eerie experience nonpareil.


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